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Versatile sets for diverse clients!

At Erector Sets, we make it a point of emphasis to allow our clients the most versatility possible with their sets. Through LED lighting, modular elements and intelligent engineering that considers long-term utilization, our news sets can be easily transformed into more festive sets.

VOA New York

By utilizing our multi-channel color-changing LEDs, VOA New York was able to create a unique look more suitable for special occasions, such as the celebration of Nowruz. Our client also adorned their set with decorative foliage and creative panel coverings to help set the mood for each unique occasion.

BIT Chicago

BIT Chicago was designed and fabricated with a unique backdrop and platform that could be used for many special occasions. If a client does not have the budget for advanced LED lighting setups, this is another effective solution to making their set go above and beyond traditional newscasts.