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From design services and fabrication to delivery and installation, Erector Sets can provide for every client's needs. Our dedicated staff of woodworkers, metalworkers, and design professionals, makes Erector Sets an excellent choice for the specialized needs of trade shows, television, and film.
Erector Sets Inc.
Erector Sets Inc.8 months ago
KRIS-TV reached out to Erector Sets in need of a new set for their large studio and alterations to their existing small studio set in downtown Corpus Christi.

KRIS-TV's brand new large studio set features a traditional anchor area, as well as a weather pod, stand-up and performance areas. A mix of monochromatic solids, wood and stone textures complement the bayfront imagery featured throughout the set on monitors and backlit graphics.

The stand-up and performance areas are dressed with monitors and unique, abstract cityscape graphics with lists of cities in the state of Texas.
Erector Sets Inc.
Erector Sets Inc.10 months ago
Taunton Community Access and Media TV (TCAM TV), having worked with Erector Sets on multiple projects, inquired about designing and fabricating a brand new studio set.

The center wall with color-changing LED accent lighting and an 84” monitor serves as the primary focal point of the set. It is complemented by a rolling broadcast desk suitable for 1-3 talent.

The shoot-off walls on camera left and right with 75” monitors mounted in portrait mode provide the client with more presentation and branding options.

The grayscale color scheme gives this set a sleek, balanced look while allowing the LED accent lighting and colorful graphics on the monitors to pop much more.
Erector Sets Inc.
Erector Sets Inc.11 months ago
Northern Michigan University was in need of a two-walled, contemporary-style news set for their WNMU-TV broadcast and got in contact with Erector Sets for their expertise.

WNMU is both a teaching facility and a PBS station, so the ability to provide a versatile set was very important. They have many different shows with each one requiring a unique look.

The walls of the set utilize a combination of faux stone and wood laminate for a unique feel with earthly tones. Two commercial-grade monitors and color-changing LED wall panels allow WNMU flexibility in customizing the look of the set. It also features a carpeted rolling oval platform for interview segments and a large rolling desk to accommodate up to 5 panelists.
Erector Sets Inc.
Erector Sets Inc.12 months ago
KEYC contracted Erector Sets to design, engineer and fabricate a multi-purpose broadcast set for their news studio.

The anchor wall houses a 5x2 monitor array, behind a rolling desk with a monitor on its face. The weather area on the camera left features a mix of monitors and cloudy graphics that create a visually pleasing backdrop.

Surrounding these elements are shoot-off walls with unique abstract graphics and mounted monitors to give our client plenty of presentation options to influence their broadcast.

The stacked stone footers and wood laminates throughout the set create a warm contrast to the lively color-changing backlit graphics.
Erector Sets Inc.
Erector Sets Inc.1 year ago
CBS Marquette was in need of a set for their new WZMQ broadcast studio, located on the second floor of a building in downtown Marquette that previously housed a restaurant.

The centerpiece of the set is a monitor wall with a 3x3 ultra-narrow bezel monitor array. It is complemented by a rolling news desk with a monitor on the face to give the client more branding options for their broadcast.

The background wall on the camera left side features a 75” monitor for standups and a unique surround. The carefully curated mix of white, blue and wood laminates throughout the set helps give it a warm feel that is aesthetically pleasing while staying on brand.
Erector Sets Inc.
Erector Sets Inc.2 years ago
FOX 29 reached out to Erector Sets about developing a unique graphic background and desk for their new podcast studio set.

The background consists of abstract front lit graphics with columns at the seams. Four thin bezel 55” monitors are positioned in pairs between graphic panels to give the client more presentation and branding options.

The desk is height adjustable and designed to allow space between panelists for a rolling vertical monitor, which can be used as an extra graphic or a live video feed for remote interviews.