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Erector Sets Inc.2 months ago
KTNV reached out to Erector Sets for the redesign of their studio. Erector Sets designed the set and teamed up with SM Scenic for the construction.

The new set features four main areas: an anchor area, a stand up presentation area, a seated interview area, and a larger multipurpose space.

The anchor area features a new anchor desk with a 3×2 monitor array in the background. The stand up presentation area serves double duty with a roll down cityscape graphic drop as the main background and when the drop is rolled up it reveals the into the news room shot. The interview area features a couch for the morning show with (3) 2×2 on the wall backgrounds.

The 5×2 monitor array serves as background for the multi-purpose area. The color changing light boxes combined with the on-set monitor walls give the set an amazing amount of versatility.
Erector Sets Inc.
Erector Sets Inc.4 months ago
This reface project was completed for Voice of America in tandem with Studio 47.

Whereas Studio 47 employed significant amounts of plexiglass and color-changing lighting, the design for Studio 48 incorporated more subdued lighting and material choices.

The wood anchor desk is set before a backdrop of 9 monitors and stylized, backlit paneling. The reface included new anchor and side wall graphics, desk treatments and new color changing light boxes.
Erector Sets Inc.
Erector Sets Inc.5 months ago
Voice of America contracted Erector Sets to fabricate this exciting new broadcast set. Studio 47 incorporates layered graphics of printed plexiglass with backlit fabric prints in front of color-changing LED’s to create a sleek, modern look.

The set also features several monitor areas including a rolling touchscreen, (3) tracking monitors, a 3x3 array, a large 1.2mm video wall and one portrait mount monitor for a variety of shot layouts.

The color changing LEDs within the set are all separately addressed to create unlimited color combinations to compliment the variety of shows VOA produces within the studio.
Erector Sets Inc.
Erector Sets Inc.Erector Sets Inc. is at Philadelphia Water Works Pier.6 months ago
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Philadelphia Water Works Pier
Progress pic’s of a new deck in the works for Philadelphia’s historic waterworks. Just a step outside our wheelhouse but excited to see this one through! @ Philadelphia Water Works Pier
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Throwback Thursday: A fun millwork dollhouse project we did for Sparks Marketing Group Inc.
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