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From design services and fabrication to delivery and installation, Erector Sets can provide for every client's needs. Our dedicated staff of woodworkers, metalworkers, and design professionals, makes Erector Sets an excellent choice for the specialized needs of trade shows, television, and film.
Erector Sets Inc.
Erector Sets Inc.1 month ago
FOX 29 reached out to Erector Sets about developing a unique graphic background and desk for their new podcast studio set.

The background consists of abstract front lit graphics with columns at the seams. Four thin bezel 55” monitors are positioned in pairs between graphic panels to give the client more presentation and branding options.

The desk is height adjustable and designed to allow space between panelists for a rolling vertical monitor, which can be used as an extra graphic or a live video feed for remote interviews.
Erector Sets Inc.
Erector Sets Inc.5 months ago
Express Employment Professionals contracted Erector Sets to design and fabricate a new set for broadcasting presentations and interviews.

The camera left side of EEP’s set has more of an office feel with built-in shelving and two windows with backlit graphics of faux scenery. The camera right side of the set houses a 3x2 monitor wall and multiple vertical monitors, complimented by abstract graphics as backdrop options for interviews.
Erector Sets Inc.
Erector Sets Inc.9 months ago
Cerrone was in need of a company that could fabricate set elements as part of their augmented reality set for the Power Women’s Summit 2021.

Erector Sets provided a deck platform and vinyl flooring, as well as a wall on the camera right with a chamfered corner. Cerrone and Power Home Remodeling’s amazing AR work transformed a bare stage into a fully fleshed-out, dazzling set! It’s amazing how far augmented reality has come.
Erector Sets Inc.
Erector Sets Inc.10 months ago
Erector Sets Inc. has been selected for the 2022 Philadelphia Award in the Engineering Services category by the Philadelphia Award Program!

Not bad for two self-taught, non-licensed engineers. Congrats Yuri and Pedro!
Erector Sets Inc.
Erector Sets Inc.11 months ago
2021 has been a very productive year for our team, with quality end results such as this set we fabricated for Celebro Media's Al Jazeera show.

Our team at Erector Sets wishes you a safe and happy holiday season!
Erector Sets Inc.
Erector Sets Inc.1 year ago
Tigrai Media House was in need of a news set with green screen capabilities for virtual backgrounds.

This set features a three walled background with a chroma key green screen as the main wall body. The 9’ wide broadcast desk can comfortably seat up to 4 panelists. It also features a curved monitor on the face, which is flanked by CNC cutouts of TMH’s unique logo.

Erector Sets is proud to stand behind Tigrai Media House in its efforts to inform and inspire about the situation in Tigray.